At County First Bank, we are building a tradition of financial growth and community involvement. Our priorities reach beyond the numbers, and beyond the success of the bank itself. We have set high standards for customer service, and seek to build long term partnerships with our customers throughout Maryland. Our team works closely with our clients to anticipate their needs and deliver innovative solutions to help them meet their financial goals. We work hard to be the bank of choice in each of our markets. We are a local community bank you can count on to handle your business, one neighbor at a time for the economic benefit of our community as a whole. Our commitment to local prosperity means your dollars are invested in your community, not in some distant corporate headquarters.

It all started back in 1990. La Plata, Maryland was a bustling town about 40 miles south of Washington, DC comprised of merchants, small manufacturers, individuals and families. The town at one point in its history had several local banks, but due to consolidation of the banking industry, most of the banks ceased to exist. Anyone who had banking business had to work with larger regional or national banks. This prompted a group of local businessmen to initiate the establishment of County First Bank.

Bringing You Up to Date

1990 County First Bank opened for business in downtown La Plata with George B. Morris as President and CEO.

1993 Earl R. Gieseman III became the second President and CEO of the Bank.

1995  The Waldorf branch opened. In 2000, it relocated to its current location on Old Washington Road.

2000 The California branch opened on Three Notch Road.

2001  New Market branch opened. In 2004, it relocated to its current location at the intersection of Routes 5 and 6.

2002 An F4 tornado hit La Plata, destroying the Main office. It reopened on June 2, 2003.

2007  The Prince Frederick branch opened. In 2012, it relocated to its current location at 36 S. Solomons Island Road.

2013 Doug Mitchell became the third President and CEO of County First Bank.

2018 County First Bank acquired by Community Bank of the Chesapeake.