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We have learned that our Express Banking customers are experiencing an increased amount of technical difficulties while banking online. Please click the attached document to review BROWSER and OPERATING SYSTEM requirements. Internet Web Browsers are updated and released by the appropriate Operating System owner. In this document, please see some additional “house cleaning” tips to perform within your Internet Settings of your browser which should improve your online banking experience.

Please contact your local branch (Contact information found via your County First Bank Branch Locator button) for additional assistance and/or if your online experience does not improve from these suggested changes.

We value you as a customer and sincerely apologize for any inconveniences you have been experiencing.

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Please be aware that County First Bank will never send you an e-mail asking for your personal information.

Phishing is growing at an alarming rate. Criminals expect you, the innocent customer, to fall victim in an attempt to protect yourself.

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County First Bank Rejects Bailout Money

The Board of Directors of County First Bank has elected not to take the TARP (Government Bailout) money made available by the U.S. Treasury. TARP, which stands for Troubled Asset Relief Program, was originally designed to provide additional capital to financial institutions to absorb credit losses and to provide additional funds to make loans. In exchange for the money, the government takes an ownership interest in the receiving institution in the form of non-voting, preferred stock with several strings attached, but without much oversight.

County First Bank, a locally owned and managed, full-service community bank continues to enjoy strong earnings, excess capital, and minimal credit problems. The Board and management feel strongly that taking the TARP money is unnecessary and inappropriate because of the bank’s solid financial standing and because TARP funds would dilute earnings otherwise available for common stockholders. Finally, County First Bank does not feel comfortable augmenting sound banking practices with bailout money from taxpayers.

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