Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit is a money-saving check scanning solution for businesses wishing to deposit checks without physically visiting a branch or using a night drop or courier service. It is especially beneficial for businesses in far-reaching areas and/or with multiple offices or retail stores.

With Remote Deposit, a check scanning device is linked to your office PC. Place the check(s) to be deposited into the scanner, and the scanner reproduces an image file of the check(s) into a secure website via the Internet. It’s as easy as scan…click…deposit to the account you have specified.

Features and Benefits

  • Improve the availability of your funds
  • Extend your deposit window with same-day credit until 7 p.m., Monday – Friday
  • Reduce labor, storage and the time it takes to prepare and transport your daily deposits
  • Increase efficiency and speed of your payment process
  • Combine multiple site deposits into one easy-to-use statement
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Save money on courier services

How does County First Bank Remote Deposit work?

Once you are ready to make a deposit, gather all your checks together.  Scan your checks and your deposit will be transmitted to your County First Bank deposit account through a secure, encrypted Internet connection.

What do you need to use County First Bank Remote Deposit?

All you need to provide is the following:

  • A County First Bank checking account
  • A personal computer (PC) with current operating system, and
  • An internet connection

County First Bank will provide you with the following:

  • A desktop scanner
  • Image capture software
  • Online history
  • Training
  • Support

Note: There are fees associated with some of these services. Contact your Branch Manager or Customer Service Representative for details.